Figures show that most wealthy families are unable to sustain their assets beyond three generations. At Onyx & Cie SA, we work to prove the statistics wrong!

Onyx & Cie SA is an independent multi-family office with a presence in three continents (Europe, Asia and Oceania). The company is staffed by experts from a range of disciplines who excel in all areas of wealth management.

We supply legal services, set up inheritance planning structures, draw up consolidated financial statements, advise on property, offer family governance as well as wealth management services and more.

Onyx & Cie SA is entirely family owned. We know each of our clients personally and work continually to offer innovative solutions to protect their assets and grasp the best opportunities, adding value in the long term while keeping life simple day to day.

Our family is ideally placed to understand the needs of your family!

  • Les rétrocessions doivent être restituées au client.

Les rétrocessions en matière de gestion de fortune

Similaire à la croisière offerte aux médecins par les fabricants de médicaments, le système des rétrocessions en matière bancaire, est longtemps resté tabou en Suisse. Il faut dire que les montants reversés par les banques

January 27th, 2020|


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