Ethics and approach

We are proud of our total independence and strong ethics. In particular, as we have no ties with any financial body or institution, clients know our opinions and advice are perfectly objective. Naturally, Onyx & Cie SA upholds the very highest professional standards.

Our purpose as we run our family office is to serve our clients’ best interests, safeguard their wealth and grow their assets in real terms.

That is why Onyx & Cie SA chooses only the very best depositary banks and investments.

Our hallmarks are portfolio transparency and above all personalised wealth management, with a bespoke investment approach defined for each client.

Our focus is always on our clients, and it is important for us to share our values with them so we can build a long-term relationship together.

At Onyx & Cie SA, we understand that you have a choice. To earn your trust, we offer a superior quality service founded on three essential values: discretion, availability and performance.

“Onyx & Cie SA is unique in that it has been run by members of the same family for over 20 years, so we genuinely speak the same language as our clients.”