Our partners

Because services designed for wealthy individuals operate within a closed network where personal recommendations are key;

Because when you recommend someone, you put your own reputation on the line;

Because we, like our clients, place a high value on excellence and professionalism;

It is important for us to maintain a network of competent, reliable specialists that we can trust.

We open to our clients our exclusive address book, built up over several generations, so that they can benefit from our long experience operating in the luxury sector and as a family office.

You will not find any high street names in our address book – our clients can locate them without our help. What you will find are professionals offering little-known niche services.

Across all sectors – property, yachts, aircraft and lifestyle experiences – we work with an exclusive list of partners with the skills to satisfy demanding clients accustomed to the kind of exceptional service where hitches are unthinkable.

Why are our partners different? We trial them over several years, until we are completely sure we can recommend them with our eyes closed. They all share our values: we work in synergy to prioritise and uphold the interests of our common clients.

ADRENALINE Heliski Verbier
ADRENALINE Heliski Verbier
Adrénaline is Valais’ premier specialist for heli-skiing and exclusive off-piste activities. Accustomed to working with a discerning clientele including numerous celebrities, the company will take care of everything, from airport transfers to luxury hotel reservations, so that you can play in the powder on the very highest summits in the Alps without a care in the world.

“We put our heritage, our experience and our long history at the service of our clients, by offering them access to a network of first-rate partners.”