Wealth management

At Onyx & Cie SA, we provide our clients with highly sophisticated, tailored wealth management services. In particular, we have privileged access to information and services from many highly regarded Swiss and international banks, and work with their vast networks of locations across the world.

As independent wealth managers, we are at complete liberty to select the forms and types of investment which best meet the needs of each of our clients, free from any obligation or commitment to any particular depositary bank.

Our investment policy focuses on long-term asset growth. We balance the need to preserve capital, achieve returns and manage risk as we select a reasoned portfolio of financial and monetary instruments.

Diversification, in terms of both geography and sectors, is achieved on an ongoing basis by investing in different asset classes combining equities, bonds and investments in traditional and alternative funds on all markets, including emerging markets, in accordance with each client’s own personal and family situation, investment horizon and risk tolerance.

We provide expert advice on Asian markets through our partnership in Singapore (www.sunline.com.sg).

Our clients choose how they want us to help manage their investments. The first option is a discretionary mandate, under which we make all the day-to-day decisions, investing based on a diversified asset allocation plan tailored to the client’s needs. The second possibility is an advisory mandate, under which we make regular investment recommendations, leaving the client or their depositary bank free to make their own investment decisions and take full responsibility for the performance of the portfolio.

Our team tracks all investments meticulously, producing clear, concise monthly or quarterly reports on each portfolio and a consolidated statement covering all assets held with various banks.

“As the world becomes increasingly complex, we at Onyx & Cie SA develop tailored investment strategies to optimise your assets and guarantee reliable, regular long-term returns for you and your family.”