Exceptional investments

A genuine family office – something that many firms claim to be, but few really are!

A family office’s services do not stop at wealth management. At Onyx & Cie SA, our buying and selling platform for exceptional investments is part of the complete, personalised service we provide to wealthy families.

Whether you are looking for a prestigious home, a château, a vineyard estate, a yacht, a private jet, a collectible car or a piece of jewellery, on this platform we present only original property whose rarity makes it particularly valuable.

All of the objects we present are off-market; you will not find them advertised through any of the standard sales channels (estate agents, auction houses, etc.). They are sourced from within our own network of contacts and clients. Because we belong to a group with a global presence spanning three continents, we are able to connect a very wide range of people who share common interests in areas such as private equity, joint ventures and business sales.

In recent years, we have facilitated several transactions centred on promising start-ups by forging links between a group of investors in one location and a group of founders in another, mainly China and Switzerland.

“We draw on our network of contacts to assist our clients in buying and selling exceptional investments, enabling them to bypass the usual agents.”


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